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The Extra Deck can be just as important to a Duelist as their Main Deck these days, and there are several monsters that often wind up there, no matter what Deck you’re using. Cards likeStardust DragonBlack Rose DragonBrionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier and Mist Wurmcan go into any Duelist’s Extra Deck because of their powerful effects and non-specific Synchro Material requirements. Scrap Dragon from Duelist Revolution is quickly becoming another card on that list. Here are some good reasons why that is.
Scrap Dragon is a Level 8 Synchro that can be Summoned using any Tuner and non-Tuner monsters you want, so you can use it in any Deck that’s capable of Synchro Summoning. With2800 ATK it can destroy opposing Stardust Dragons and most other monsters with ease. On top of this it has a very useful effect that can destroy any card your opponent controls. Once per turn you can pick 2 cards on the field, 1 of yours and 1 of your opponents, and Scrap Dragon will destroy both of them. There are many ways that you can take advantage of destroying your own cards so that using Scrap Dragon’s effect sets up your combos while breaking up your opponent’s combos.

Any cards you control with effects that activate when they are destroyed will work great withScrap Dragon. By destroying Sangan you get to search your Deck for a monster while your opponent loses one of their cards. You can draw a card if you destroy your Card Trooper or activate Machina Peacekeeper’s effect if you choose to destroy it.
One very popular card to destroy with Scrap Dragon is Dandylion because it will Summon 2Fluff Tokens when you destroy it. This is good because you can destroy a Token next turn forScrap Dragon’s effect instead of one of your other cards! These Fluff Tokens can also help you to Summon another Scrap Dragon if you need to, thanks to Debris Dragon.
When you Normal Summon Debris Dragon, you can Special Summon Dandylion from your Graveyard. Combine these 7 Levels with a Level 1 Fluff Token and you’ll get a brand newScrap Dragon, along with 2 Fluff Tokens to destroy cards with!  With 2 Scrap Dragons on the field, and 2 Fluff Tokens to use for their effects, you can destroy 2 of your opponent’s cards and probably score a pair of big direct attacks as well.
You can also pull off some cool tricks with Scrap Dragon’s effect by targeting your Spells and Traps. When you select the 2 cards to be destroyed, you can still Chain Spells and Traps. Even if you Chain your card that you targeted with Scrap Dragon, your opponent’s card will still get destroyed. There are many different combos that you can pull off in this way, for example you could target your Mystical Space Typhoon and Chain it to destroy your opponents Spell/Trap, while Scrap Dragon takes care of their monster. You could Chain Trap Stun to clear the way for an attack, or Book of Moon to flip a stronger monster face-down while destroying your opponent’s other monsters or Spell and Trap Cards.

Scrap Dragon is a key card in Scrap Decks.

While Scrap Dragon’s first effect will ensure that Duelists everywhere will be adding it to their Extra Decks, the card has another effect that’s specifically for Scrap Duelists. When Scrap Dragon’s destroyed by your opponent and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon any “Scrap” monster from your Graveyard that isn’t a Synchro monster.
By Special Summoning Scrap Golem you can bring back Scrap Goblin with its effect and Synchro Summon another Level 8 Synchro. If your opponent destroyed Scrap Dragon in battle and still has more monsters to attack with, you can block them by Summoning Scrap Goblin.It’ll take every hit your opponent can dish out before self-destructing and letting you add a “Scrap” monster from your Graveyard to your hand.
Scrap Dragon is a cool card that has something to offer for everybody, whether you’re playing a Scrap Deck or using any other type of Deck. Look for it this weekend as the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series makes its way to Toronto, Canada!

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