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TITLE: The Duelists with the Rune Eye is the one-hundred and twenty third episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.
DESCRIPTION: The next opponent of Team Five D's is Team Ragnarok. However Yusei and co. meets the members of such team, by chance. They wield the "Rune Eye" which serves as the proof as their status of the successors of the Three Polar Gods. Wielding the Three Polar Gods, like Yusei and co. who wield the Five Signer Dragons, they are also involved in the Crisis threatening the world caused by Team New World. Harald grasps the opportunity to explain the story behind the "Polar Gods" and how the members of Team Ragnarok came to obtain them.
Thus Yusei asks the three members of Team Ragnarok to help expose the plot of Team New World. However, Team Ragnarok claims the three Polar Gods are not willing to enter an alliance with the Crimson Dragon's Signers, because of the Zero Reverse incident caused by Yusei's father. The enmity between Dragan and Jack is also explored, as the two had dueled in the past, only for Dragan to be forced to lose on purpose by Jaeger in order to raise money for his father's hospitalization.
Team Ragnarok challenges Team 5D's for tomorrow's Semifinal, with the winner earns the right to face Team New World.

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