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Once 2 or more monsters are Tuned together, they vanish to the Graveyard and leave a Synchro Monster in their place. But Trust Guardian is different than other Tuners. Trust Guardian doesn’t just Summon a monster from your Extra Deck – it also protects that monster.

If you need to use a Level 3 Tuner, making that Tuner Trust Guardian will give the monster you Synchro Summon an added bonus that no other Tuner could give it. Once per turn, any Level 7 or higher monster Synchro Summoned by using Trust Guardian can’t be destroyed in battle! Instead, it loses 400 ATK and DEF whenever it would be destroyed in battle.
One of the best monsters you can Synchro Summon using Trust Guardian is Thought Ruler Archfiend. Since Thought Ruler Archfiend can protect itself from Spell and Trap Cards that target it, adding Trust Guardian’s protection from battle will make Thought Ruler Archfiendeven harder to destroy! Protection from battle is especially helpful when your opponent hasGoyo Guardian on the field. With 2800 ATK, Goyo Guardian is able to attack and gain control of most Synchro Monsters. But Trust Guardian can alleviate the fear of your strongest monster turning against you.
Since Trust Guardian is a LIGHT Tuner, it can also be used to Synchro Summon Chaos GoddessChaos Goddess is a Level 8 Synchro Monster that requires 1 LIGHT Tuner and 2 or more non-Tuner DARK monsters to Summon it. It only has 2500 ATK, but it also comes with the unique ability to Special Summon a Level 5 or higher DARK Monster from your Graveyard every turn! With Trust Guardian protecting it from battle, your opponent may have a lot of trouble taking down Chaos Goddess before it swarms your field with powerful monsters like Darklord Zerato and Jinzo.
Since it’s a Level 3 Tuner, Trust Guardian can be Special Summoned with the effect of Dark Bug too! Dark Bug is a Level 1 DARK monster that can Special Summon a Level 3 Tuner from your Graveyard when it’s Normal Summoned. After you grab Trust Guardian with the Bug’s effect, you can Tune them both with a Level 4 DARK Monster like Armageddon Knight or Dark Grepher to Synchro Summon Chaos GoddessArmageddon Knight and Dark Grepher can even put a strong DARK monster you want to Special Summon with the Goddess’ effect into your Graveyard first.
Trust Guardian’s innocent appearance can be deceiving. It doesn’t look intimidating at first, but it can make your strongest monsters even harder for your opponent to defeat. Try it out and watch it protect even your most vicious Synchro Monsters.

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