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Originally hailing from the time when the game was young, the Amazoness monsters are making a comeback thanks to Duelist Revolution. Check out some of the new Amazoness cards you might be able to get your hands on at the Duelist Revolution Sneak Peek.

Amazoness Village is a fantastic Field Spell that boosts all “Amazoness” monsters by 200 ATKand lets you immediately replace any of your “Amazoness” monsters when they’re destroyed and sent to the Graveyard. Once per turn, when your Amazoness monster is destroyed by battle or by a card effect, Amazoness Village lets you Special Summon an Amazoness from your Deck with a Level equal to or lower than the destroyed monster’s Level. That means you can even Special Summon another copy of your destroyed Amazoness!
Use Amazoness Village to Special Summon another Amazoness Chain Master after stealing a card from your opponent’s hand, or another Amazoness Swords Woman after the first one redirects the damage from that battle to your opponent. You can also use Amazoness Villageto swap your monster for whichever one is best-suited for your current needs.

Amazoness Village can even Special Summon some of the new Amazonesses in Duelist Revolution, like Amazoness Scouts. Since Amazoness Scouts is only a Level 2 monster, you can grab it with Amazoness Village when any of your other “Amazoness” monsters are destroyed. Amazoness Scouts can be Tributed during either player’s turn to protect your Amazoness monsters from Spells, Traps, and Monster Effects. It’s a great card to use withAmazoness Queen, a 2400 ATK monster that protects each of your Amazoness monsters in battle.
Amazoness Queen will protect Amazoness Scouts from battle. Use Amazoness Scouts to protect Amazoness Queen from destruction effects.
The new Trap Card, Amazoness Shamanism, lets you completely change your battle strategy on the fly. Amazoness Shamanism lets you destroy all face-up Amazoness monsters you control and replace them with Level 4 or lower Amazoness monsters from your Graveyard in Defense Position.
One useful thing to do with it is to clear your field and load it up with copies of Amazoness Scouts either during battle or on your opponent’s End Phase. You can follow up by Summoning your Amazoness Queen back to the field with Amazoness Willpower to keep your monsters safe from destruction! Keeping Amazoness Queen on the field with Amazoness Scouts ready to protect her will make it tough for your opponent to take down your tribe of “Amazoness” monsters.

There’s also a new Equip Spell Card for “Amazoness” monsters in Duelist Revolution.Amazoness Heirloom can be equipped to any “Amazoness” monster. Once per turn,Amazoness Heirloom prevents the equipped monster from being destroyed by battle. It also lets that monster destroy anything it attacks, after damage calculation!
That even allows it to destroy monsters like XX-Saber Emmersblade and Mystic Tomatobefore their effects can activate, just like Red Dragon Archfiend does. With Amazoness Heirloom equipped to an Amazoness, it can take down just about anything. Equip it toAmazoness Swords Woman and your opponent will even take damage when you attack and destroy a stronger monster using Amazoness Heirloom.

Amazoness VillageAmazoness ScoutsAmazoness QueenAmazoness Shamanism, andAmazoness Heirloom are just a few of the new Amazoness cards you’ll soon be able to get your hands on. You can find them and many more Amazonesses at the upcoming Duelist Revolution Sneak Peek.

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