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Duelist Revolution
introduces a new family of monsters with very peculiar and powerful habits: the “Scrap” monsters! “Scrap” monsters and the Spell and Trap Cards that go with them are an odd bunch, but they’re also really powerful. They have two basic types of effects: effects that destroy your own cards to give you some kind of benefit, and effects that recycle the monsters so that you can use them again. Take a look at these two “Scrap” Tuner monsters:
Scrap Tuner monsters recycle your other Scrap monsters, but only if they’re destroyed by a “Scrap” card.

Scrap Beast is a Level 4 Tuner monster with 1600 ATK and no restrictions on what you can use it to Synchro Summon. That’s excellent on its own, but when you throw Scrap Goblin into the mix as well, you can see that Scrap Decks have enormous staying power. Scrap Goblincan’t be destroyed by battle, but it will destroy itself at the end of the Battle Phase if your opponent attacks it while it’s face-up. That means that in order to get rid of a face-down Scrap Goblin, your opponent will have to attack it once to see what it is, and then attack again to trigger its effect.
Except that’s not a good idea for your opponent, because if Scrap Goblin is destroyed by the effect of a “Scrap” card, including itself, you can add any “Scrap” monster in your Graveyard right back to your hand! Scrap Beast also has this effect, and it’s an important part of the Scrap Strategy. Good thing you can easily pluck these two Tuner monsters out of your Deck with the Spell Card Scrapyard!

Scrapyard lets you add a “Scrap” Tuner from your Deck to your hand.

Scrap Decks can Synchro Summon a lot of monsters. Once you’ve got the ball rolling you can usually Synchro Summon at least 1 monster every turn thanks to Scrap Golem and Scrap ChimeraScrap Golem can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower “Scrap” monster from your Graveyard to either side of the field every turn, kind of like XX-Saber Faultroll, and Scrap Chimera lets you Special Summon a “Scrap” Tuner from your Graveyard when you Normal Summon it.
These two cards can help you Synchro Summon every turn!

The main monster you’ll want to Summon with these is Scrap Dragon, a massive Level 8 Synchro Monster with 2800 ATK! Once per turn, you can use Scrap Dragon to target 1 card on each side of the field and destroy them. This lets you destroy your opponent’s cards while triggering the effects of some of your own cards. Because Scrap Dragon requires you to destroy one of your own cards, try playing with cards like Wild Tornado that have effects that only activate if they’re destroyed by a card effect.
Scrap Dragon also lets you Special Summon a non-Synchro “Scrap” monster from your Graveyard if your opponent destroys it. You can Special Summon Scrap Golem, then use its effect to Special Summon Scrap Goblin, and finally tune them both together to make anotherScrap Dragon!

If your opponent destroys Scrap Dragon, they’re just setting you up to Summon another Scrap Dragon!

Now here’s the tricky part. Scrapyard only lets you add “Scrap” Tuner monsters to your hand. But thanks to those Tuner monsters and the Quick-Play Spell Scrapstorm, you can use those Tuner monsters to add any Scrap monster in your Deck to your hand!

Scrapstorm is integral to the Scrap strategy!

Scrapstorm does 3 things. To activate it, you need to target a face-up “Scrap” monster you control. First, you send a “Scrap” monster in your Deck to the Graveyard. Then, you draw a card. Finally, you destroy the “Scrap” monster that you chose when you first activatedScrapstorm. If you chose one of the Tuner monsters, Scrap Beast or Scrap Goblin, you can then use their effect to add the monster you just sent to the Graveyard to your hand!
Send Scrap Chimera to the Graveyard with Scrapstorm, then retrieve it with the effect ofScrap Beast or Scrap Goblin. Then, you can Normal Summon Scrap Chimera and use its effect to bring back the downed Tuner and use it to Synchro Summon! The end result of this combo is that you’ve effectively Normal Summoned Scrap Dragon or Scrap Archfiend (but more on that later!) And that’s awesome.
Duels are frequently won by the Duelist who can get the most mileage out of each of their monsters. Once Duelist Revolution hits in August, Scrap Duelists will be at the top of the heap when it comes to making the most of every monster they play!

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