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When you go to your local Duelist Revolution Sneak Peek event next weekend, you’ll meet plenty of Duelists looking for lots of different cards.  Duelist Revolution has sweet new stuff for Beasts, Amazonesses, and other Decks, plus the new “Scrap” monsters, but the one card everyone’s going to be hunting for is Pot of Duality. It’s the most talked about Spell Card in years!
Pot of Duality is a Spell Card that lets you reveal the top 3 cards of your Deck, add 1 to your hand, and then shuffle the other 2 back.  You can only activate 1 Pot of Duality each turn, and you can’t Special Summon on the turn you do.  In return, you get to see more cards faster, giving a huge boost to almost any strategy. 

When you have Pot of Duality in your Deck, you’ll draw your most important cards faster and more often.  Infernities will see Infernity Mirage and Infernity Launcher more often, X-Sabers will find to Rescue Cat and XX-Saber Faultroll even more often than they do now, Quickdraw Dandywarrior gets Quickdraw Synchrons and Dandylion faster, and Gladiator Beasts get toStarlight Road and Gladiator Beast War Chariot earlier than usual. 
It’s especially good in Blackwings, a Deck that was already willing to give up its Special Summons for a turn to draw more with Cards for Black Feathers.  Activating Pot of Dualitymeans you won’t be able to go all-out with attacks for that turn, but what you get in trade is consistency, which, as any experienced Duelist will tell you, is a rare and precious thing.
On your first turn you’ll start with a hand of 6 cards.  Activating Pot of Duality on your first turn will then let you see the next 3 cards of your Deck. That means you’ll have at least looked at 9 cards total.  Many Duelists don’t attack on their first turn anyways even if they aren’t going first, so giving up your Special Summon there is no big deal. 
By the time your next turn rolls around, you’ll have seen at least 10 cards from your Deck instead of the usual 7, though remember, the two you didn’t pick with Pot of Duality are back in your Deck and might show up again.  That makes a tremendous difference, and helps you put together a big second turn to take control of the Duel.  When you get to see a fourth of your Deck or more by your second turn, it’s no problem putting together your combos.

Want to see your Limited cards more frequently? Pot of Duality makes it happen.

Seeing more cards also means a better chance of picking up Limited cards that you normally wouldn’t see as often.  If you’ve ever wished that you could draw powerful cards like Heavy StormMirror Force, or Brain Control in more of your Duels, then Pot of Duality is the card you’ve been waiting for.  No matter what you play, Limited cards like these can make the difference between victory and defeat, and because they’re Limited you don’t draw them all the time.  Pot of Duality can make “heart of the cards” miracles happen far more often.

Pot of Duality even lets you make better use of your Side Deck.

Caption: The cards you rotate in from your Side Deck are usually real game-changers, but you can’t use them if you don’t draw them.  Some of the most powerful cards Duelists are Side Decking in tournaments these days can’t be searched with cards like Sangan or Mystic Tomato, leaving them up to luck of the draw.  But with Pot of Duality, you can improve your chances of getting to game-changing cards like Consecrated LightSystem DownMask of Restrict, and Crevice into the Different Dimension.
The more cards you draw, the easier it is to get what you want.  If you’re lucky enough to findPot of Duality in your Sneak Peek packs, be sure to think really hard about what that card could do for your Deck before you think about trading it.  Pot of Duality goes in almost anything, and it’s sure to see huge play in Decks at all levels of play from here on out.

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