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 Whenever you get to go first in a Duel, you have a chance to lay the groundwork for your victory then and there.  Experienced Duelists know that the right opening moves can start you on your way to a win, and they optimize their Decks so they can make strong openings.  A good first turn can set up a good second turn, and that snowballs into a win.
In order to build your Deck to do that, you need to understand what makes a strong opening turn in the first place.  As a general rule, the goal of your opening turn is to ensure a strong second turn.  Here are some of the things Duelists aim for when they make their opening moves, and some of the cards you can use yourself.
“Your first goal is to keep a monster on the field.”

Having a monster on the field as you enter Turn 2 gives you a lot of options.  You could use that monster for a Synchro Summon or Tribute Summon.  If it has a powerful effect, you can use that ability.  Your Turn 1 monster can even be a tough-to-stop attacker, since a monster you Normal Summon on your opening turn can’t be destroyed by Torrential Tribute orBottomless Trap Hole.  Having a monster on the field as you enter Turn 2 puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you a great position to launch your first attack.

“On the other hand, keeping your opponent’s monster off the field for your second turn is powerful too.”

Keeping your opponent from having a monster on your first attacking turn (that’s your second turn) lets you make a direct attack and score Battle Damage.  The monster you destroy, remove, or send back to your opponent’s Deck on their first turn is 1 less monster they have to attack you with, or to use as a Synchro Material later.  Damage isn’t as important early in a Duel as it is later on, but an early direct attack can let you dictate the pace of the Duel for several turns.

“Cards that restrict your opponent’s plays on their first turn are great opening moves.”

One of the best ways to ensure a big second turn is to interfere with your opponent’s first turn. Thunder King Rai-Oh can keep your opponent from searching their Deck with cards likeReinforcement of the Army or Black Whirlwind.  Trap Dustshoot deprives them of their best monster, and you get to see all their cards.  Even Cold Wave can make for a strong opening if it’s paired with a tough-to-destroy monster like XX-Saber Emmersblade or Gravekeeper’s Spy, ensuring big moves on Turn 2.

“Removing cards your opponent Set in his Spell & Trap Card Zone can also make a strong Turn 2.”

Setting a card that can eliminate an opposing Spell or Trap is another strong opening move.  It positions you up for a Turn 2 in which you’re free to make direct attacks, or to attack one of your opponent’s monster (destroying it while keeping your own monster safe).
These four goals can all help you put together a strong second turn, and that’s what a good opening move is all about.  Other goals may be unique to your Deck.  For instance, a strong Blackwing opening might help you by preparing your Graveyard for Blackwing – Vayu the Emblem of Honor’s effect: a strong Infernity opening might include cards that set up anInfernity Launcher combo.  The four goals outlined above are general guidelines for most Decks, and when you mix them with your Deck’s unique strategy, you can put together explosive early games that let you take a commanding position early in your Duels.
The next time you revise your Deck or build a new one, ask yourself what your ideal opening turn would look like.  Then, make sure to include cards that can make those big openings happen!

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