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The Shining Darkness Sneak Peek starts tomorrow, and as the Countdown to Infernity reaches its end, we wanted to leave you with some cool tips and tricks you can use to surprise your opponents!

Infernity Guardian and Infernity Inferno may not seem like they really work together at all at first, but they actually make for a powerful combination that will further your strategy andprotect your monster. All you need to do is Summon Infernity Guardian while you haveInfernity Inferno Set and 2 or fewer cards in your hand. Then, when your opponent attacks or uses a card to try to destroy your Guardian, Chain with Infernity Inferno to discard the rest of the cards in your hand. You’ll get to send “Infernity” monsters to your Graveyard and you’ll protect your Guardian at the same time! (Infernity Guardian’s effect kicks in as soon as you have no cards in your hand)

All the “Infernity” monsters are DARK, so the Dark Illusion Counter Trap Card can protect them from any card or effect that targets them! Lots of Duelists play cards that target your monsters, like Dimensional PrisonBook of MoonBrain Control, and Gladiator Beast Murmillo. By using Dark Illusion to negate these cards, you can save your Infernity Barriers for your opponent’s cards that you wouldn’t be able to deal with otherwise, like the effects ofDandylion or Drill Warrior or an opponent’s Gladiator Beast War Chariot.

It’s important to have the maximum allowed 3 copies of Infernity Beetle in your Deck, especially if you’re trying to play with quick game-winning combos. Many Duelists are afraid that they’ll draw more than 1 copy of Infernity Beetle in their opening hand and won’t be able to Special Summon 2 more from the Deck as a result. The chances of this happening are pretty low, about 1 Duel out of every 20, so you really shouldn’t worry about it. It’s way more likely that you’ll need to have 2 Infernity Beetles on your side of the field so that your opponent can’t use Book of Moon on one of them to stop you from Synchro Summoning.
In addition, here are some other tips for new Infernity Duelists:
  1. Don’t build your Side Deck until you’ve played a lot of Duels. If you haven’t Dueled a lot with your Infernity Deck against a lot of different Decks, you won’t know what cards you need yet!
  2. Make your Deck flexible. Your Side Deck can help with this, but you need to be able to play both the blinding fast Duels and the slow, methodical Duels.
  3. Plan carefully! This is both while you’re Dueling and while you’re fine-tuning your Deck. Play with lots of different Synchro Monsters to take advantage of your Decks incredible Syncho Summoning capabilities, and don’t commit too many cards to the field until you can defend them properly or win the Duel.
And that does it! Time is short and the Sneak Peek is just hours away. Are you ready for Infernity? If you aren’t quite sure about it yet, click the “Infernity” link at the bottom of this article to read up on the rest of the countdown and get yourself ready for one of the most powerful Decks of all time!

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