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Koa’ki Meiru Urnight from Absolute Powerforce, gave Koa’ki Meiru Decks a massive boost to their already impressive line-up of monsters. It combines a huge 2000 Attack Points with the ability Special Summon any other Level 4 or lower Koa’ki Meiru monster from your Deck.. The challenge for Deckbuilders has been to find ways to Summon multiple Koa’ki Meiru monsters at once and keep them on the field. Most Koa’ki Meiru monsters have a maintenance cost to pay at the end of each turn, so having more than one at the same time can lead to trouble if you don’t have the right cards to reveal or an Iron Core Specimen Lab to replace them. Every “Koa’ki Meiru” monster released that shares a Type with another “Koa’ki Meiru” monster makes it easier to play your best monsters and keep them around for a long time. Koa’ki Meiru Bergzak gives you another Warrior-Type monster to work with to go alongside the mighty Koa’ki Meiru Rooklord.

Koa’ki Meiru Bergzak is coming to us in The Shining Darkness, and it’s a big deal. It’s an easy to Summon Level 4 Warrior-Type monster with 2000 Attack Points and a killer effect. When Koa’ki Meiru Bergzak destroys an opponent’s monster by battle, he can attack once again in a row. This means is that even if your only monster on the field is Bergzak and your opponent keeps Setting monsters to defend himself, it isn’t going to matter unless those monsters have 2000 or more DEF. Bergzak can destroy them and then attack again for 2000 damage. Four quick turns of this and you’ve already won!

This isn’t the only great thing about Koa’ki Meiru Bergzak, however, since his maintenance cost lets you reveal a Warrior-Type monster from your hand, you can use another Koa’ki Meiru Bergzak, Koa’ki Meiru Rooklord, or even any other Warrior-Type monster you might want to run such as D.D. Warrior Lady to keep your Bergzak around. You can also use Reinforcement of the Army in order to either search out Bergzak or add a Warrior-Type Monster to your hand for the reveal, and since you have to reveal the card you search anyway, you’re not giving up anything at all! Sometimes, revealing Koa’ki Meiru Rooklord to your opponent will keep them from playing as many cards as they would otherwise, making it even easier for you to deal quick damage with Bergzak.

Using the combined forces of Koa’ki Meiru Urnight and Koa’ki Meiru Bergzak, it’s possible to deal 4000 damage in a single turn. All you need is an Iron Core of Koa’ki Meiru and Koa’ki Meiru Urnight in your hand, since both these cards are available through the use of Core Transport Unit and Koa’ki Meiru Boulder, it’s easy to set up. Activate the effect of Koa’ki Meiru Urnight by revealing your Iron Core to your opponent, and you can Special Summon Koa’ki Meiru Bergzak from your Deck. If your opponent has a monster, attack itwith Bergzak, attack again directly for 2000 damage, and then attack with Urnight for another 2000 damage. All you need to do then is keep your monsters on the field for one more turn and you just might win a very quick Duel.

Using Iron Core Specimen Lab makes your plan even more foolproof, as you can let your Bergzak be destroyed in the End Phase, search another Urnight to your hand, and reveal it to keep your current Urknight around.Then, during your next turn you can Special Summon another Bergzakand repeat the process. It’s an endless cycle of incredibly powerful card effects, and with the great Trap Cards you have access to, like Iron Core Luster and Starlight Road, your opponent won’t be able to do a thing.

With the power of Koa’ki Meiru Bergzak, combined with the already mind-blowing card effects that the Koa’ki Meiru have access to, you can expect to see a lot more of these Decks at tournaments near you, and you just might want to check them out yourself after The Shining Darkness Sneak Peek on May 1st/2nd.

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