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In addition to the “Gravekeeper’s Priestess” given out at the Absolute Powerforce Sneak Peek, there are 3 other brand new “Gravekeeper’s” cards are now available in Absolute Powerforce. All of these cards breathe new life into an old theme and make it better than ever before!

“Gravekeeper’s Descendant” has 1500 ATK and the power to Tribute any other “Gravekeeper’s” monster you control to destroy any 1 of your opponent’s cards. This means it can get rid of your opponent’s Set “Mirror Force,” face-up “Gravity Bind,” or even the powerful “Dark Armed Dragon.” You can use “Gravekeeper’s Spy” to Special Summon “Gravekeeper’s Descendant” from your Deck and then activate the Descendant’s effect to Tribute the Spy and destroy an opponent’s card. Cards that let you Special Summon “Gravekeeper’s” monsters like “Rite of Spirit” and “Magician’s Circle” make it even easier to get “Gravekeeper’s Descendant” on the field with another “Gravekeeper’s” monster so you can activate your Descendant’s effect.

Use “Gravekeeper’s Spy” to Special Summon “Gravekeeper’s Descendant” from your Deck. Then Tribute the Spy to activate your Descendant’s effect.

The other Gravekeeper’s monster in Absolute Powerforce is “Gravekeeper’s Visionary.” “Gravekeeper’s Visionary” is a Level 8 monster, but you can Normal Summon it by Tributing just 1 Gravekeeper’s monster. “Gravekeeper’s Visionary” may look like it only has 2000 ATK at first glance, but it gets really big, really fast. Visionary gains 200 ATK for each Gravekeeper’s monster in your Graveyard, and if it would be destroyed, you can discard a Gravekeeper’s monster from your hand to keep it on the field. That’ll make it even stronger!
“Gravekeeper’s Visionary” can be Special Summoned with the same cards that can bring your other Gravekeeper’s onto the field. “Rite of Spirit” and the effect of “Gravekeeper’s Chief” can Special Summon “Gravekeeper’s Visionary” from your Graveyard while “Magician’s Circle” can Special Summon it from your Deck. It’s almost effortless for you to Special Summon “Gravekeeper’s Visionary,” but your opponent will have a lot of trouble getting it off the field. As long as you have Gravekeeper’s monsters in your hand, the effects of your opponent’s “Mirror Force,” “Torrential Tribute,” “Smashing Ground,” “Icarus Attack,” and “Gladiator Beast Murmillo” won’t be able to destroy it. Your opponent won’t be able to destroy it in battle, either!
Use these cards to Special Summon “Gravekeeper’s Visionary.”

The last new Gravekeeper’s card in Absolute Powerforce is “Gravekeeper’s Stele.” “Gravekeeper’s Stele” is a Normal Spell Card that can return 2 Gravekeeper’s monsters from your Graveyard to your hand, even if you have “Necrovalley” on the field. If you need a copy of “Necrovalley” from your Deck, you can activate “Gravekeeper’s Stele” to bring “Gravekeeper’s Commandant” back from your Graveyard and search for “Necrovalley” with its effect. You can also use “Gravekeeper’s Stele” to stock up on “Gravekeeper’s” monsters in your hand to make it harder for your opponent to destroy “Gravekeeper’s Visionary.” “Gravekeeper’s Stele” can also be used to retrieve any other “Gravekeeper’s” monsters you might need in a given situation, including “Gravekeeper’s Spy,” “Gravekeeper’s Assailant” and all of the newest Gravekeeper’s monsters.
Don’t forget, “Necrovalley” will also boost all of your Gravekeeper’s monsters by 500 ATK and DEF, so even if your Gravekeeper’s monsters look a bit small at first, they’ll be exceptionally strong with “Necrovalley” on the field. “Necrovalley” also shuts down both Graveyards, preventing your opponent from removing cards from either one or targeting the cards that are in them. 
Your opponent can’t remove a DARK and a LIGHT monster from his Graveyard to Special Summon “Chaos Sorcerer,” can’t Special Summon a monster with “Call of the Haunted,” and can’t remove monsters from your Graveyard with “Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer” while “Necrovalley” is on the field. That lets you be sure that the Gravekeeper’s monsters sent to your Graveyard will still be there when you want to retrieve them with “Gravekeeper’s Stele” or revive them with “Rite of Spirit.” Since “Rite of Spirit,” “Gravekeeper’s Chief,” and “Gravekeeper’s Stele” are unaffected by “Necrovalley,” it won’t cause you anywhere near as much trouble as it’ll cause your opponent.
With the addition of these new Gravekeeper’s cards in Absolute Powerforce, the Gravekeeper’s have become a formidable team. Some Duelists have already begun experimenting with them in SHONEN JUMP Championship tournaments and others will surely carry them even further in the future.

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