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Absolute Powerforce introduces the “Dark Synchro” monsters used by the Dark Signers in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s animated series. These monsters can only be Synchro Summoned by using a DARK-Attribute Tuner monster. There are two Dark Synchro Monsters in Absolute Powerforce.

When you attack with either of these Synchro Monsters, your opponent can’t activate any Spell or Trap Cards until the end of the Damage Step. That makes them immune to cards like “Dimensional Prison” and “Magic Cylinder.” Each Dark Synchro Monster has another way to protect itself too!

Roman Goodwin’s “Underground Arachnid” is a Level 6 Synchro Monster that can be Synchro Summoned by Tuning 1 DARK Tuner with 1 non-Tuner Insect-Type monster. This may seem like a tough requirement to fulfill, but “Underground Arachnid” makes it worth it.

“Underground Arachnid” has 2400 ATK and the ability to get rid of any of your opponent’s face-up monsters without a cost. “Underground Arachnid” is the only Level 6 Synchro Monster with that power!

The monster “Underground Arachnid” chooses to remove from your opponent’s field becomes an Equip Card attached to it, where it serves as a shield. If “Underground Arachnid” would be destroyed in battle, you can destroy the monster equipped to it instead. Since “Underground Arachnid” will no longer be equipped, you can use it to steal another of your opponent’s monsters on your next turn. That’s a lot of power in one monster!

“Underground Arachnid” will find its niche in Insect Decks, where it can easily be Synchro Summoned. By Tuning a Level 4 Insect like “Koa’ki Meiru Beetle,” “Insect Knight,” “Spyder Spider,” or “Aztekipede, the Worm Warrior” with a DARK Level 2 Tuner like “Krebons” or “Plaguespreader Zombie,” you can Synchro Summon “Underground Arachnid.” You can also Tune a Level 3 DARK monster like “Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind” with a Level 3 Insect like “Howling Insect” to Synchro Summon it.

Additionally, “XX-Saber Emmersblade” is an Insect-Type monster, so if you’re playing “Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind” in your X-Saber Deck you can also make use of “Underground Arachnid”!

“Zeman the Ape King” is a Level 7 Synchro Monster that can be Synchro Summoned with a DARK Tuner and a non-Tuner Beast-Type monster. It has 2500 ATK and the power to negate an attack by sending a monster from your hand or field to the Graveyard. This makes it tough for your opponent to destroy Zeman in battle.

Zeman fits naturally into a Beast Deck. Since Zeman is a Level 7 Synchro Monster, the easiest way to Summon it is to Tune a Level 3 DARK Tuner with a Level 4 Beast non-Tuner. There are plenty of good Level 4 Beast-Type monsters, but one really useful monster you can use to Synchro Summon it is “Super-Nimble Mega Hamster.”

Once your “Super-Nimble Mega Hamster” activates its effect and Special Summons a Beast from your Deck, it will sit in Defense Position until you can put it to use. By Tuning it with a Level 3 DARK monster like “Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind,” you can Summon “Zeman the Ape King” in its place.

You can also Tune “Witch of the Black Rose,” a new Level 4 DARK Tuner from Absolute Powerforce with a Level 3 Beast-Type monster like “Des Koala” to Synchro Summon “Zeman the Ape King.”

 The new Dark Synchros may be harder to Summon than ordinary Synchro Monsters, but their power more than makes up for it. If you’re running an Insect or Beast Deck, “Underground Arachnid” and “Zeman the Ape King” can give your Deck a boost. Try them out and defeat your opponents with the power of the shadows!

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