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 “Consecrated Light” has 0 ATK and DEF, but it also has the power to render all of your opponent’s monsters useless. As long as “Consecrated Light” is on the field, DARK monsters can’t be Summoned or attack. “Consecrated Light” can’t be destroyed by battle with DARK monsters either. This means “Consecrated Light” has the power to shut down entire Decks!

Since every Blackwing monster is DARK, “Consecrated Light” is particularly effective against Blackwing Decks. Not only can you stop a Blackwing Duelists from Summoning any monsters, you can also stop him from attacking with the ones he already has on the field! Since most Blackwing Duelists don’t run any non-DARK monsters, they can have a lot of trouble getting “Consecrated Light” off the field.
You can also set “Consecrated Light” face-down, knowing none of your opponent’s DARK monsters will be able to destroy it in battle. Even if your opponent attacks it face-down with a DARK monster like “Blackwing Armed Wing” that would inflict damage to your Life Points, “Consecrated Light” will prevent all of that damage. This makes “Consecrated Light” an excellent defense against Duelists with a lot of DARK monsters. DARK monsters can’t do much while it’s on the field.

None of these monsters can attack, deal damage, or even be Summoned while “Consecrated Light” is on the field!
None of these monsters can attack, deal damage, or even be Summoned while “Consecrated Light” is on the field!
But rest assured Blackwing Duelists, there are ways to get rid of “Consecrated Light” after your opponent Summons it. Even though you can’t Summon DARK monsters while it’s on the field, you can still Set them. This means you can Set a Blackwing monster and Tribute it with “Icarus Attack’ to destroy your opponent’s “Consecrated Light.” You can also use other cards that destroy monsters, like “Smashing Ground” and “Torrential Tribute,” to get “Consecrated Light” off of the field.
Even though you can’t Summon DARK monsters like “Blackwing – Blizzard the Far North” or “Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind” while “Consecrated Light” is on the field, you can still Summon a non-DARK monster and attack with it. This means that destroying “Consecrated Light” can be as simple as Summoning “Legendary Jujitsu Master” or “Mist Valley Soldier” and attacking it.
“Consecrated Light” also won’t stop you from Tuning your monsters together to Synchro Summon a non-DARK monster. If you have “Blackwing – Blizzard the Far North” and “Blackwing – Bora the Spear” on the field when your opponent Summons “Consecrated Light,” you can Tune them together to Synchro Summon “Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier” or “Goyo Guardian.” If your opponent puts “Consecrated Light” on the field first, you can still Set DARK Tuners and non-Tuners on the field and Flip Summon them later in the game to Synchro Summon something that will take down “Consecrated Light.”
“Consecrated Light” is a powerful card against DARK-based Decks, especially Blackwings, but it does have weaknesses. If you have trouble beating Decks that use a lot of DARK monsters like Blackwings, you may want to put “Consecrated Light” in your Side Deck to use against them. If you’re a Duelist who uses a lot of DARK monsters, you’ll need to be prepared to face “Consecrated Light.” One way or the other, you should be prepared to play either with or against “Consecrated Light.

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