Posted by : Abdalaziz al-shammari Feb 27, 2010

Hopefully you’re used to seeing “Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier” by now. Since it dwells in the Extra Deck almost everyone will play a copy, and since it’s Level 6 it’s really easy to Summon. Brionac’s effect lets you discard cards from your hand to return cards on the field to their owner’s hand. You can discard as many cards as you’d like and may use the effect as many times as you’d like during your turn.

That’s a big part of what makes this card so good. In a Zombie Deck, you can use “Goblin Zombie” and “Plaguespreader Zombie” to make “Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier.” With “Goblin Zombie’s” effect you can search out “Mezuki,” who can then be discarded to Brionac’s effect. Mezuki can then be used to bring back “Goblin Zombie.”

You can take this even further, bringing back “Plaguespreader Zombie” with its own effect and making another Level 6 Synchro Monster. That allows you to search out another “Mezuki” and discard it to Brionac once more. Now you’ve taken opposing defense off the field and have a lot of ATK on your field. Add “Burial from the Different Dimension” or “Dark Armed Dragon” to the mix and you can win the game in just one Battle Phase.

Brionac has more uses outside of winning in the game in one turn. In fact Brionac’s most significant impact is the one it has on other Synchro Monsters. Previously the only Level 6 or 8 Synchro Monster that could get rid of a “Colossal Fighter” was “Dark End Dragon.” Most people don’t have a “Dark End Dragon” making it difficult for them to get rid of Synchro Monsters with their own Synchros. Brionac doesn’t destroy cards, but since Synchro Monsters can’t be returned to the hand they are sent back to the Extra Deck, effectively removing them from play.

This means you can no longer set up a bunch of Synchro Monsters under the protection of “Stardust Dragon” and expect no opposition. Even if you’ve got two copies of Stardust, “Colossal Fighter” and “Bottomless Trap Hole” your opponent can remove all your monsters with one Synchro Summon of Brionac.

Brionac also gives you the opportunity to win over the course of a couple turns. Take the previous scenario where use “Goblin Zombie” and “Plaguespreader Zombie” to make Brionac and “Goyo Guardian.” Since you’ve cleared the way you’re now free to deal 5100 damage with your two monsters. Now your opponent can’t Set cards and play defensively. If they do, you’ll be able to pitch the rest of your hand to clear the way again. When you’ve got 5100 ATK on the field you only need two battle phases to win the game. You can use this strategy to beat a defensive player or to force an opponent into action

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