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Official Konami Tournament Stores

Find an Official Konami Tournament Store near you that hosts Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Tournaments and Events!

Stores by Country & State/Province

United States


Latin America

Stores Hosting League Events

Duelist League

Pegasus League

Pegasus League

If you like playing in tournaments that reward creative deck-building and innovative strategy, then Pegasus League is for you! Each month, the League will feature a brand-new format, providing the perfect environment for Duelists in search of fun and unique challenges.

Whatever you want to know about Pegasus League can likely be found here – make a habit of checking the page regularly to find out about the current format, view the upcoming format, and see who and what is doing well!

January/February 2010 Format: “New Year’s Resolution”

Go here for more information about this month's format, and Pegasus League!

Interested in becoming a KDE Judge?

Here's the place to start — the Judge Program! By passing certification tests, a judge can evaluate his or her knowledge of the various aspects of judging. All active judges are encouraged to actively pursue Judge Certification.


Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME 2010 Regionals

Go here for a list of locations that will be hosting Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Regionals! *UPDATED 12/23/09*

This list is updated frequently as locations are confirmed. Please keep checking in for more locations and information as it becomes available. For more information, go to the 2010 Regional FAQs page.

Did you qualify for the Championships?

Did you participate in Regionals and qualify for the Championships? Check our list of qualified players!

•United States National Championship Qualifiers *UPDATED 12/08/09*

•Canadian National Championship Qualifiers *UPDATED 12/08/09*


Upcoming Events



Absolute Powerforce Sneak Peek Feb. 6 - 7 Location listing coming soon! US & Canada

Latin America

*NEW* SHONEN JUMP Championship Nashville, TN Feb. 27 - 28 Gaylord Nashville

Coming soon!

SUMMER, 2010


Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG United States

National Championship July 9 - 11 Minneapolis, MN Check back later!

*NEW* Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

World Championship 2010 Aug. 14 - 15 Long Beach, CA Check back later!


Absolute Powerforce Sneak Peek:

February 6th and/or 7th

The power can now be yours!

Get ready for the Absolute Powerforce Sneak Peek, your first chance to get your hands on the brand new Absolute Powerforce booster packs - before they’re available in most stores!

Look for your own copy of Jack Atlas’ “Majestic Red Dragon” – the latest and greatest upgrade for The Five Dragons. You can also Summon Yusei’s “Drill Synchron” to let all your Warriors inflict piercing Battle Damage and let you draw a card every turn!! You can also try to get an exclusive Absolute Powerforce Game Mat or T-shirt.

You don’t have to be a skilled Duelist because we’ve asked the stores to give them out randomly, so everyone has a chance! Plus everybody gets a limited edition Ultra Rare “Gravekeeper’s Priestess” (while supplies last). Be sure to show up early because supplies of all items are limited and late-comers could get left in the dust.

Fans of the TV show will want to Synchro Summon Jack’s new “Majestic Red Dragon,” the Dark Signers’ Inca-inspired Sun & Moon Dragons, or look for all-new Koa’ki Meiru, X-Sabers, Reptiliannes, Spellcasters, Machines, and more. As an extra treat for long-time Duelists, the Gravekeeper monsters (from 2003’s Pharaonic Guardian) have returned!

As with every set, Absolute Powerforce includes 10 Bonus Cards for the North American market (previously released in Japan), plus 10 World Premiere cards never before seen anywhere on Earth! This booster set absolutely has more power than any set should ever have. Don’t miss out!

Sneak Peek: What is it?

A Sneak Peek is your first look inside the latest booster set. New Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s TRADING CARD GAME booster sets are released every three months, featuring 100 brand new cards! Add these new cards to your collection, or create a new Deck based on the featured new themes, or add the new cards to your current Decks to make them more powerful than ever.

At a Sneak Peek, you’ll get 5 booster packs of the latest set, and use just those cards to build a new Deck. The minimum Deck size at a Sneak Peek is lowered to 20 cards. Since only these new cards are used, everyone has a chance to win their Duels!

While you’re having fun with your new cards, you might win a special Absolute Powerforce Game Mat or T-shirt. Additional booster packs will not be awarded, but you can buy more packs of Absolute Powerforce on February 16th at stores everywhere!

For Parents

If your child is younger, shy, or just getting into Yu-Gi-Oh!, a Sneak Peek is a good first stop. Some tournaments can be intimidating, with highly competitive players, but these Sneak Peek events are more casual and fun. These are some of the best events for new Duelists since everybody has access to the same cards. If your child is nervous about asking a stranger to Duel against, ask the store personnel to help. Sneak Peeks are all about everyone having a good time with their new cards.

Sneak Peek Locations

We’ll be posting a list of Official Tournament Stores who are holding an Absolute Powerforce Sneak Peek, so check back here soon!

Go here for information on Absolute Powerforce Sneak Peeks in Latin America


SHONEN JUMP Championship

Los Angeles, California

January 9 - 10, 2010

When: Jan. 9 - 10, 2010

Where: Los Angeles Convention Center

Los Angeles, CA

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