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The Neo-Spacians and their infant form, Chrysalis, were introduced by Jaden Yuki in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime. He created the concept of these cards when he was a little kid. The theme relies on Elemental Hero Neos and was designed to give Jaden an alternate strategy to his deck. Unlike most fusions that require a Fusion Summoning card, a new tactic known as Contact Fusion comes into play, which only needs to have the Fusion Materials on the field. However, monsters summoned through this effect are only allowed to be on the field until the End Phase of the turn of on which it was summoned. This can be bypassed through the Field Spell, Neo Space, which allows the Fusion Monsters to stay on the field as long as Neo Space itself stays on the field, and the Equip Spell Instant Neo Space, which allow's the fusion monster it's equipped to to stay on the field. The monsters in this archetype are also bolstered by many support cards that range from swarming the field with Cocoon Party and Contact to upgrading them with NEX.

Play Style

Though the Neo-Spacians are tied into the Elemental Heroes, generally their play style is so different from that of traditional Elemental Heroes that players tend to play decks entirely based around them rather than including non-Neos Fusion Monsters (though the release of Elemental Hero Divine Neos may change that). Neo-Spacians are weak physically, but have extremely powerful effects. A Neo-Spacian deck focuses on searching out and quickly summoning Elemental Hero Neos (or Neos Alius) and a Neo-Spacian for an immediate Contact Fusion. A way around the complications of having to summon Neos is using Hero Mask to make a monster that is easier to summon count as Neos, making Contact Fusion much smoother.

Neo-Spacian decks are heavily dependent on the use of the field spell, Neo Space, since the Neos fusion monsters simply disappear back into the Extra Deck without it at the end of the turn. They also have a difficulty in getting out the right Neo-Spacian desired, and often run into the problem of keeping individual Neo-Spacians alive on the field due to the fact that they are all physically weak. On top of all that, they run into a slight deck-thickening problem since the material monsters are returned to the Deck instead of sent to the Graveyard.

However, assuming all these obstacles can be overcome, Neo-Spacian decks can be extremely powerful under the right conditions. Some of the fusion monsters can boost their ATK to outstandingly high levels, while others have potent effects related to neutralizing or otherwise removing an opponent's assets from the hand and field.

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